"Trippy and primal ... This film plays on all senses and holds nothing back."

— Alece Oxendine, Keyframe

"One of the craziest things I’ve seen all year, an assured dive right into the deep end done with so much confidence and precision that it demands admiration."

— CJ Prince, The Film Stage
Best Undistributed Films of 2016

“Wielding duration and frame like forceps and scalpel, Excursions bears down with its brutally steadfast eye, from the most mundane details edging up to the borders of perception.”

— Jon Kieran, New Orleans Film Fest Program Notes

"Stylized and wonderfully acted, Excursions provides us with a confident filmmaking style, a rigid internal logic and mesmerizing performances — all of which serve to take us through a transformative experience equal to those of the characters."

— Adrian Cruz, Lebanon Daily Record

"Astoundingly dark and exceedingly hilarious ... a blast to watch."

— Ben Umstead, Twitch

“A beautiful yet beguiling experience ... will lull adept cineastes into a state of cinematic bliss."

— Don Simpson, Smells Like Screen Spirit

“A fascinating account of how we use ritual to explore the depths of our psyches and the depths of our souls."

— William L. Blizek, Journal of Religion & Film

"Equally as hilarious as it is unsettling, Excursions is a slow burn that eventually sets your hair on fire. What begins as an idyllic couples getaway for Los Angeles yuppies quickly subverts into an animalistic symphony of oddities that pulls viewers down a rabbit hole, and then collapses the hole behind them."

— Josh Mandel, Slamdance Programmer

“A wholly unique film experience.”

— Paul Sbrizzi, Hammer to Nail